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Happy New Year 2017 - The third Casey Fremont mystery, "Five, Six - Deadly Mix" should be released January 2017. Following that, the Alex Hilliard series will be introduced (look for a teaser in Casey's new book about "Uncle" Alex Hilliard).

L'Audible Art PR setup

Village Writers' Club presents L'Audible Art -- a program free for the public where our members showcase their work; May 2012. In this image, I have a table set up to publicize my eBooks.




 T-shirt winner

During the May 2012 L'Audible Art, I sponsored a free T-shirt give away via a raffle. This is me kneeling beside the raffle winner, Mary Jo Kurten.



On May 31, 2012, Laurie J included me as her featured author on her blog site. She does great work and I appreciate her support. To view the page, go to:

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