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The Pentagon 

Assault on the Presidency

Look for Alex to put in an appearance in early 2020

With Watergate in the distant past, and long before the current denizens of U. S. capitol came on the scene; these characters populated the District of Columbia―and left us this dilemma.

After eight years in office, the President will do anything, including murder, to retain the presidency and the power...unless the Air Force officer who uncovers the plot can stop his Commander in Chief.

Alex Hilliard, a lieutenant colonel in the U. S. Air Force is stationed at the Pentagon. He sees a message header―Tower Watch―while on duty one night―Alex pays it little attention at the time. Later he realizes it has been removed from the files, and during the presidential campaign, he hears an election speech which triggers the memory of the Tower Watch message.

Meeting with his mentor, General Watson, Alex tells Watson about the death of his good friend, Mike Reilly, who worked for the CIA. Mike was gathering information about Tower Watch at the time of his “accident.” General Watson at first declines, but later with additional ammunition, arranges for Alex to meet with President-elect Ahern. Alex will need to convince the president-elect that there is a creditable plot against him. Alex has recruited his romantic interest, Sarah Crawford, as well as several NCOs he believes he can trust to assist him in his battle to foil the conspiracy against the incoming president-elect.

Betrayal and danger follow him to the point he begins to doubt his abilities and wonder if can he get the job done.

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