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Way to Go, John Achor -- As with his first novel, John's second effort makes a great read. It is fast paced, with interesting twists & turns in the plot. I look forward to John's third novel (which I understande is hard at work writing.)
Bob McCleskey

… and liked it. So I borrowed a friend's copy of ... My first venture into mystery novels was John Achor's first book, One, Two, Kill a Few, and liked it. So I borrowed a friend's copy of this one and loved it. Fun bunch of characters, fast-paced, intriguing twists - entertaining.

Luckily she has a good posse to help her out My new friend, Casey, is in more trouble. Big trouble. Luckily she has a good posse to help her out. I was hoping she’d survive again so someday I can read “Five-Six…” Once again, couldn’t put the book down till I finished it.

Review - Three, Four - Kill Some More (audio) I LOVE THIS SERIES! Casey and her group of friends, co-workers, romantic interests, etc. are all so wonderfully entertaining! I really liked how the author brought the first book's murder mystery and the characters over into the second book, but still works as a stand alone for anyone who didn't read or listen to the first. I don't usually like on going series but I find myself excited for the next book. Again Aisling Gray's narration brings each characters individual characteristics to life!

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