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John Achor's writing assignments have appeared in a variety of local, national and international publications. He enjoys writing about, "The subjects I know best: the military, flying and people I've known." After that, John says he lets a vivid imagination take over.

The first of his three careers spanned twenty years as a U.S. Air Force pilot . He accumulated over 4,000 hours flying planes from J-3 Piper Cubs (PA-18)to the military equivalent of the  Boeing 707 (KC/RC-135). He also had a number of assignments in strategic reconnaissance programs in Alaska, Omaha and the Pentagon.

After the military, he entered the real estate industry. He joined a national real estate franchise as a management consultant working at the regional and national levels. Those positions led him to Phoenix, Arizona and an affiliation with a major Savings & Loan institution.

In John's words, "When the Savings and Loan industry melted away like a lump of sugar in hot coffee, I knew it was time to develop a third career." He became a freelance computer instructor, user-developer, consultant, writer and instructor at Mesa Community College.

 In May of 1999, John moved to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas where he resides with his wife Pat and their two cats, (l to r) Lexus and Betsy Ross.

Lexus & Betsy On October 26, 2012 Lexus, at the age of 17 years, reached the last limits of a life that had become devoid of any quality. My wife and I carried her in our arms to our vet where they administered the life ending drugs. We caressed her and brushed her coat until the last vestiges of life left her. Sleep well Lexus, you were the most loving and lovable cat whoever let us share your home.

Alas, Besty Ross passed from this life in April, 2015. She was her old, onery self to the end. As onery as she could be, Betsy still left a large hole in our hearts. I hope she runs across Lexus near the Rainbow Bridge.
  dear departed pet
John on deck with laptop

I am currently devoting my time to writing and supporting my favorite organizations. On the left, I'm enjoying a relaxing day in the piney woods with one of my favorite writing instruments.

For comments on my writing, see the Reviews Page (menu choice). Here is just one:

John Achor draws the audience into the mystery immediately with "raining bodies." The reader's curiosity is hooked as the story progresses with the addition of friends to help solve the mystery. A growing romance with the police detective holds the reader's attention as the killers are tracked through the evolving story. I enjoyed every page and would recommend it to all who read mysteries. I'm looking forward to more Casey Fremont books. Thank you. Rita D.

John + two covers
The next grand adventure is upon us. Pat and I decided to move again ... to the far north country. Our sixteen year stint in Arkansas was the longest we stayed in one place in our entire married life. We decided it was time for a change. By May 1st, 2016, we will be established in far west Omaha, Nebrasks.

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