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... a world of mystery and suspense, and the home of Casey Fremont mysteries ...

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rainbow dividerNewest info: CASEY'S CONTEST:  The contest ended June 30, 2015, and the winners were announced on my blog at:  johnachor.wordpress.com


For links to excerpts of the novels use: the menu above or the book covers below.

One, Two ... cover                Three, Four ... cover

Casey's two books (shown above) are now available in trade paperback hard copy and eBook versions. To order the Kindle edition, use this link:
 Casey's first ...

Three, Four - Kill Some More will be out in a few months.

John's link to his author's page at Amazon is: https://www.amazon.com/author/jachor

There are free apps (applications) available for the PC and the Mac for those who do not own a Nook or Kindle. You will still need to purchase books.


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In this one I combine: flying - using a computer flight simulator and an incident from real life - describing a major aircraft accident and flying with a Virtual Airline, DC-3 Airways. Check the article called: Follow the Bouncing Ball

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