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... a world of mystery and suspense, and the home of Casey Fremont mysteries ... and Alex Hilliard thrillers.

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Check images I took on the last Nebraska, Vietnam Veterans Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. use this link

Casey is now in the "talkies." Casey Fremont’s first two mysteries (One, Two – Kill a Few & Three, Four - Kill Some More) are now available as an audio download. You can find them at this (bitly.com) Amazon link: http://amzn.to/1OY4Ryd The stories are narrated by Aisling Gray who does an outstanding job of portraying Casey.

For links to excerpts of the novels use: the top menu or the book covers below.

One, Two ... cover                 Three, Four ... cover            One, Two ... cover           

These books in the Casey Fremont mystery series are available in trade paperback hard copy, eBook and audio formats.
To order these books on Amazon, use this link to:
       Casey's novels

For other formats or booksellers, go to your favorite location, e.g., Barnes & Nobel (bn.com) and search on my name.

The third Casey Fremont mystery, "Five, Six - Deadly Mix" is now (January 2017) available. Following that mystery, the Alex Hilliard series will be introduced (look for a teaser in Casey's third book about "Uncle" Alex Hilliard).

John's link to his author's page at Amazon is: https://www.amazon.com/author/jachor There are free apps (applications) available for the PC and the Mac for those who do not own a Nook or Kindle. You will still need to purchase books.


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In this one I combine: flying - using a computer flight simulator and an incident from real life - describing a major aircraft accident and flying with a Virtual Airline, DC-3 Airways. Check the article called: Follow the Bouncing Ball

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